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Denice Hamilton


I feel dehumanized. I feel objectified. And mostly, I feel insulted.

The University of Maryland has again decided to only allow the Interfraternity Council tailgate before football games, and not let other fraternities (OR SORORITIES AM I RIGHT!!!?!?) have our own off-campus tailgates. Not only has this university impeded us from making clever “kegs and eggs” captions on Instagram, but they have made us all come together for one big tailgate, which I really don’t like, because now I have to stand near guys in middle tier frats.

But here’s my main point. To even be granted entry into the IFC tailgate, we need to wear wristbands with the name of a fraternity on them to show the police or whoever the authority is that we were invited here and aren’t just random geed girls with no friends.

The tailgate wristbands are nothing short of dehumanizing. I should be defined by my kindness, or my selflessness, or my ass. Not by the name of a fraternity.

As a feminist, a leader, and an empowered woman, I believe that I should be able to wear what I want, and honestly, tbh, if I can’t get into the tailgate because I’m not wearing the wristband, then fine. Deny me.

But just know, you probably really want me there. I’m, like, very fun.