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6 Study Abroad options for the less adventurous



University of Maryland


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6 Study Abroad options for the less adventurous


Let's face it: studying abroad is not for everyone. Besides the fact that it's costly, studying abroad can be an experienced comparable to stabbing yourself in the leg while everyone around yells at you in a language you cannot identify. Unfortunately, employers see great benefit in having well-traveled employees. "Shit!" you say? Don't worry. The Rival compiled six study abroad adventures for someone like you.

1. New Mexico
This state's motto is "basically Mexico" for a reason. A land of arid deserts and cacti, the state basically copied and pasted Mexico into a territory within the United State's borders. Although a little known fact, a passport isn't even needed to visit New Mexico! Staying in New Mexico will fulfill that desire to become cultured, while avoiding the need to leave the comfort of your country.

We've heard UMBC sucks in all honesty. Sometimes, it's nice to travel to places less fortunate to show your compassion and fully understand how lucky you are. If you get bored (and we're pretty sure you will), you can at least head into Baltimore and pay too much to go see stingrays at the aquarium or something.

3. Your aunt's apartment in Bethesda
All this time, Aunt Jen has only been a metro ride away from you, but you haven't had a chance to visit. Kill two birds with one stone when you study abroad at her two bedroom apartment in downtown Bethesda! You won't be able to spend those crazy Friday nights at Bent's anymore, and that's a big enough adjustment for any Terp.

4. Azteca on Route 1
So maybe New Mexico is a little far for you, but dammit do you enjoy a good taco. Azteca on Route 1 serves authentic Mexican food within the borders of Maryland. No plane ride or vast ocean of sand? Gnarly. We're in!

5. The Gold Line
The buses for the Gold Line are so weird and small that it's a little unsettling for anyone who rides it. The good news is that this bus route goes WAY out there. All in one ride, you'll see a huge part of the College Park area. It is extremely time efficient and will break you out of your comfort zone, thats for sure!

6. Your floormate's room
Ask that girl across the hall from you if you can switch rooms with her for your desired length of study abroad time. We've heard that her roommate's been a real bitch ever since she got back from her big, weekend, day-trip to Washington D.C, so she'll jump on the opportunity. One of the biggest adjustments you'll have to make is turning right to get to the elevator instead of left. It'll be great character building.

If none of these are for you, well, that means that you're not destined to go anywhere in life. Accept it now and drop out before your parents get their hopes up too much.