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Drake’s label ‘outraged’ that he gave away all of the music video money



University of Maryland


- satire

Drake’s label ‘outraged’ that he gave away all of the music video money

Don't tell Drake...

Jack Wisniewski


After Drake boldy gave away all of the $996,631.90 dedicated to the making of a music video for his Billboard No. 1 single, “God’s Plan," OVO Sound is shocked.

"Many are praising Drake's video as a timely expression of compassion, but it's truly a symbol of betrayal," the company stated on Monday. “We’re appalled that Drake, our best-selling artist, donated the nearly one million dollars we allocated for a music video with high production value to promote his new single, ‘God’s Plan.'"

The 31-year-old rapper flaunts his altruism by parading around Miami with wads of cash for grateful families, massive checks for public services, and toys for kids among other contributions to charities in the video he uploaded on Friday, February 16th.

Drake instructs viewers specifically not to tell the label in the video’s opening caption, but the news clearly got out.

The record company took particular offense to Drake blowing off the filming for this supposed music video scheduled the day before he selflessly contributed a million dollars to wholesome, charitable causes.

“We had everything set up: the lights, the lamborghinis, the fourteen girls in bikinis – you name it,” said OVO Sound Project Manager, Marshall Hein. "We crossed all our t's and dotted all our i's."

The entire production team waited twelve hours before considering that Drake may have intentionally skipped the shoot for his music video, according to Hein.

“We wanted to give Drake the benefit of the doubt, but after our lunch wraps were long gone and the girls fell asleep, it was clear that he was ditching the shoot for the music video we’d been planning since the song’s inception,” Hein said.

Drake was on the same helicopter flight with Hein on their way to Vatican City, the setting for the originally planned music video, according to Hein.

“The shoot was set to begin a few hours after we landed,” Hein said. “At some point, Drake must’ve gotten a different helicopter out of the Vatican all the way to Miami because we couldn’t find him anywhere in the tiny country. It’s only .17 square miles and there’s one helipad.”

CEO Noah Shebib noticed something was wrong when he got an alert from the business’ banking app.

“I got a notification that the exact budget for Drake’s music video had been withdrawn from OVO’s Wells Fargo banking app, it’s very reliable,” said Shebib. “I immediately called up Marshall and then we realized that Drake took out all of the money.”

Shebib believes Drake figured out the banking app’s lock pattern password.

“I made the pattern lock a simple “O” shape because it goes well with the OVO name and its easy to remember,” Shebib said. “That was a mistake.”

After accepting the app had been hacked, Shebib tried to reverse the transaction but it was too late.

“The charities had already cashed the checks and Wells Fargo wanted no business in asking them to give it back,” Shebib said. “Their app is great but I don’t think we will be doing business with them again if this is how they treat their clients.”

Wells Fargo declined to comment.

At the end of the music video, Drake talks excitedly about his donations and how much good they will do for the community. Shebib wholly disagrees.

“I can’t say I’m excited to have given away nearly a million dollars of OVO’s hard earned money,” Shebib said. “As soon as I get our banking app situation figured out, we will deal with the Drake situation internally.”