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R.J. Bentley's to unveil new express line for those who are actually 21



University of Maryland


R.J. Bentley's to unveil new express line for those who are actually 21

Evan Haynos


COLLEGE PARK, MD - Popular local drinking establishment R.J. Bentley's Filling Station announced this week that it has a plan to deal with the fed up 21-and-over crowd that attends their bar: an express line.

The bar's owner, Mr. R.J. Bentley himself, described the reason for this innovative change; "We are proud to welcome such a diverse range of patrons to our bar, but we've been getting the sense that those who are, in fact, 21 and over are sick of waiting behind all of these 'underage' kids." Bentley expressed his appreciation for all business, and wanted to assure those who aren't of age that they will still be able to visit the bar. "I was inspired by Disney's Fastpass lane," he said, "I feel like we're on par with them in terms of business, so it makes sense to borrow their idea."

The Bentley's line in notorious in College Park for being long and causing potential patrons to ask themselves, "Is paying a $10 cover and buying overpriced drinks only to be crammed into a building that has more people than the fire code allows even worth waiting in this line?" Now they won't have to make that choice. The answer, for those in the express lane, at least, will be an enthusiastic yes.

Despite the clear potential advantages of this idea, not everyone is sold. A Bentley's bouncer, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, described his mixed feelings on the idea. He explained, "I get the change, but I'm concerned about how it will affect our regulars -- those who won't get to wait in the express line. Our bread and butter is drunk, underage kids looking to get drunker. I just don't want to abandon the ideals we're founded upon."