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Our Mission

The Rival UMD is a satirical publication serving UMD students, college students, and the world at large in order to prompt a more self-aware society. Along with poking fun at campus news and national stories, we serve as a satirical response to The Odyssey Online, Elite Daily, and other millennial-centered news outlets.

Our goal is not to mislead people by making anyone think our stories are real—but if people do think they’re real, it’s just a lil’ cherry and cream on top.

You like cream… don’t you?

So give us a read, throw us a like, and if you want, hire us.

We’re tomorrow’s comedy writers and most likely unemployed today.

What is the Rival?

The Rival is a digital opinion, commentary, and satire publication comprised of a network of college campuses. We publish bracingly creative, authentic, and intelligent content with a focus on general interest and campus news, entertainment, and college culture.

Our mission is simple: to bring authenticity and modernity to campus media, and in turn, ignite a dialogue that inspires open thought and conversation amongst the student body.

The Rival Solution

Our goal is to build something more local, sustainable, and meaningful.

We work by the mantra:

“Community, then Content.”

All operational, logistic, and creative decisions are made by the students at each campus. They create their own teams, design their own marketing campaigns, and build their own identity on campus. This means that students are free to pursue and write about their passions and interests without interference from any institution.

We are providing an experience for our users and our audience in order to make campus media what it should be: local, independent, authentic, and – to put it simply – fun.

How does it work?

While each school is united under The Rival’s name, they all have very different identities. This is possible because The Rival is the first licensed student publication. That means the students legally own The Rival at their respective universities.

The University of Maryland is entirely satirical. The University of Miami produces a ton of video content. Duke University exposes the voices of marginalized students. The George Washington University holds events and panels for its community.

We provide a state-of-the-art mobile and desktop site customized to the school’s personality, a custom-build content management system that we’ve dubbed “The Newsroom,” extensive training and on-boarding information, and funds for marketing, food, events, and merchandise.

Our story

In March of 2014, we started The Rival at GW with a staff of 10, which quickly grew to 50. In a year, we racked up nearly half a million page views and placed 4th in the largest collegiate business plan competition in the nation.

After doing plenty of research, we realized that the problems we aimed to solve at GW were pervasive across hundreds of college campuses. In Summer of 2015, we began on-boarding new schools, and by November we launched nationwide.

The Rival is funded by its founders, one private investor, and the prize money from the competition.

Want To Start The Rival At Your Campus?

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